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Our system is easy to navigate. Completing your purchase should take only a couple of minutes. If you are having issues with your purchase, please read the FAQ items below.

I did not receive an email ticket / confirmation.

  • Check your spam filter or spam inbox. This will resolve the problem most of the time. 
  • Did you use a different email address for your purchase? Check all inboxes if you use multiple email addresses.
  • Add to your email white list. This will ensure proper delivery.

My purchase transaction was declined. 

  • Make sure ALL information you submitted is correct including zip code, address, etc.
  • Use the billing address for the card, not the mailing address, if they are different.
  • Is your card valid? Make sure it is not expired.

Do I need a printed ticket at my event? I forgot my ticket!!

  • A printed ticket is preferred and is the quickest way to get you checked in to your event. We recycle all of the paper tickets that are collected at events.
  • If you forget your ticket, you will need to bring the credit card you used to purchase the tickets, and valid identification.
  • We can scan ticket barcodes from some phones, however it is faster if you simply give us the order number from the email confirmation.

I purchased tickets for the wrong event.

  • Unfortunately, refunds or exchanges are generally not permitted. Please be sure to read the event details before purchasing. Some events are multiple days, so please select the correct date before purchasing tickets. For more information, please read our refund and exchange policy.
  • Any requests for refund or exchange must be done in writing. Please submit your request to You will receive a reply within two business days.


If this doesn't help resolve the issue, please contact us at or 866-635-3560. Our customer service hours are Monday- Friday, 9AM-6PM.