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Welcoming New Beginnings Retreat Fall is a time of clearing and the annual harvest. Come spend some sacred time in a beautiful sacred place with many amenities including lunch, tea, unlimited fruit, nature walks, meditation, vision boards, and planting seeds for the new year. Kelly and Susanne will be sharing high vibration techniques, leading meditations, and exercises to help clear out old pain, and fear, then make room for deeper connection with self and all the things you wish to manifest. Spend one day together on a retreat uninterrupted by distractions to heal, clear, and recharge your spirit as we enter the new year with focus and strength to manifest. This will raise your vibration to new levels, to welcome in peace, joy, love, abundance, and much more. You deserve this. Live your best life.

Clearing Meditation
Release pain, fear, and blocked energy patterns that we have collected this year and no longer serve us.
Raising our vibrations
Nature walk presentation. The importance of the rhythms and cycles of nature.
Absorbing new healthy energy
Calling upon the purest enlightening information from the other side. Sharing the meaning and symbolism of what we see, what we are drawn to and why.
You will learn how to do your own practices based in kinesiology to make a deeper connection to guided inner knowing.
New beginnings vision board for the coming new year within a sacred space.
Planting seeds for the new year ahead.
Whether it be for healing, financial gains, love interests, finding more meaning in life, finding peace of mind and heart,all the above, or anything else your heart calls you to. Kelly and Susanne will call upon the other side to activate and assist you in your journey.
There will be music, nature walks, meditation, a day filled with beautiful teaching, lunch included, tea bar and unlimited fruit throughout the day. Food allergies can be accommodated. Ask if you have special dietary needs. Overnight accommodations are available.


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