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Check tickets are available for the desired Category then click on "Buy Tickets" to continue.


If ALL attendees are adults (not children or students), select the tickets from the pricing category you wish to purchase and add them to the cart.

If you have a child under 18 or a student as part of your order, YOU MUST place one ticket in the cart at a time. Example:
1) Select the CATEGORY where your prefer to sit, then choose the full price seat and place it in the cart, then click 'Buy More Tickets'.
2) Select the ticket for the child / student and then click the 'Child Under 18 / Student Ticket' button, this will apply the discount price. Then add that ticket to the cart.

Ticket Price Categories:
Green Section Premium: Advance - $22.50 per person, Day Of Show - $29.00
Purple Section: Advance - $17.00 per person, Day Of Show - $23.00
Orange Section: Advance - $12.00, Day Of Show - $17.00
Children Under 18 / Student Price: $11.00

Seating Sections and Prices
Category Price
Green Premium Seating
  Child Under 18 / Student: $ 11.00
$ 22.50
Purple Seating
  Child Under 18 / Student: $ 11.00
$ 17.00
Orange Seating $ 12.00